How to configuring Genie Acs with stun server

To access natted devices, we have configured a coturn stun server in the same acs server. I have configured genie acs, and it is functioning OK. In that stun server, I’m not sure where to utilize the --reuseaddr option. So, kindly send the instructions or documents needed to set up a genie acs with any stun server.

GENIEACS_UDP_CONNECTION_REQUEST_PORT=3478 also added and turn service also listening on 3478

Sir i have already installed stun and genieacs in same cloud virtual machine now how to interigate stun with genieacs plz help me if possible any videos link plz share or provide steps.i am currently using huawei olt can i add “auth-realm” in huawei olt ont tr069 profile does it work because i have already done this but still changing any value in device page it says device is offline.plz help me