How to use the script upload CPE’s config file on the Genics platform

Recently, we are using the Genieacs platform. There are always questions about how to operate or configure specific scripts on the Geniecs platform to upload and download Config files. I found that the GUI of the Genieacs platform has the option of “3 vendor profile”, but no matter how I configure and operate Genieacs, I have not realized the upload and download of the configuration.

Note: My CPE can upload and download the config file normally on other ACS platforms.

Can you provide specific operation methods or script configuration instructions? Thank you again for your help.

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You have not included enough information to help diagnose the issue. You need to include screen shots without redacting the oui or product class. You will also need to include the same information about the CPE in question.

Hello, I think the operation of importing and exporting CPE config on the genieacs V1.2.9 platform is the same. But I don’t know how to import and export.

Can you give an example of how your CPE performs config import and export on the genieacs platform when docking with the genieacs platform?