How to send user and password with DHCP OPTION 43?

Can I send the cwmp username and password togheter with the ACS url?

like this:

0x’http://x.x.x.x:7547 user password’

I tried to separated by semicolon and space, but no success

also read that the cwmp is set by default in the cpe firmware…

any ideia?

Question: WHY would you NEED to send user/pass data to CWMP controlled CPE?

Those are all automatically generated for communicaton between ACS and CWMP.

There are also TWO sets of user/pass combos, one for ACS to authenticate to CPE, and one for CPE to authenticate to ACS when making requests.

Setting the later one (auth CPE to ACS) you need to take into account for situations when CPE is Factory Reset, because it nukes those value on the CPE side, therefore, CPE is no longer “authorized” to connect to ACS. :slight_smile:
(if not overtly paranoid, you can leave those out - dont use them)

You find all those under “Device.ManagementServer”: