Firmware upgrade with new tr069 authentication settings

Hi all,

I am getting a firmware from the manufacturer of some routers my team and I have been deploying that will have the tr069 information baked in. However I am hesitant to share the current password for my TR069 server, as it is used for additional things I work with.

I was wondering if you all know how I should go about this by either updating the firmware of the devices in the middle of the night and swapping my cwmp.connectionRequestAuth AUTH() to the correct user and password. Or if there is an actual way to create two cwmp.connectionRequestAuth fields in the config, to have two passwords work, which I tried and unfortunately didn’t work unless I did something incorrect.

Thanks in advance!

on ACS side you can have both passwords by using the OR operator

but my recommendation is to place your ACS on a vlan then forget about auth()