GenieACS 1.2 install

I am trying to install v1.2 on Ubuntu 16.04, using the guide found here…

However, when I attempt to start the services I receive these errors for each…

ubuntu@ip-172-31-54-186:~ sudo systemctl enable genieacs-cwmp Failed to enable unit: Unit file genieacs-cwmp.service does not exist. ubuntu@ip-172-31-54-186:~ sudo systemctl start genieacs-cwmp
Failed to start genieacs-cwmp.service: Unit genieacs-cwmp.service not found.
ubuntu@ip-172-31-54-186:~ sudo systemctl status genieacs-cwmp Unit genieacs-cwmp.service could not be found. ubuntu@ip-172-31-54-186:~

I’ve tried this a couple of times with the same results, and I believe that I am following the instructions properly, but I am clearly missing something.

Thank you.

now that I have plenty of windshield time ahead of me, I found the following post…

I will look through this and try the suggestions, then report back.

Thank you.

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After using gittela’s suggestion in the post listed above, my instance is working.

Many thanks