How to create one preset with two or more preconditions?

hi all,

as subject, how to create one preset with two or more preconditions ?
such as Precondition:
Device.DeviceInfo.SerialNumber = ‘1234567890’ and Tags.UPGRADING

thank you



Device.DeviceInfo.SerialNumber = ‘1234567890’ AND Tags.UPGRADING IS NOT NULL

for tags you can use IS NULL if you want the preset to run when the tag is missing.

ok thank you lavira. i will try it.


how to add negation to the precondition, like that “!==” and “!=” ?
I would like to get a similar precondition InternetGatewayDevice.DeviceInfo.SoftwareVersion !== “1.10.42”

Thank you.

e.g. like this:
NOT DeviceID.ProductClass = “FRITZ!Box” AND Tags.FirmwareUpgrade IS NOT NULL
this stands for, every device that is not an FRITZ!Box and has the tag FirmwareUpgrade

Thanks a lot, it helped)


Another way in v1.2.5 could be DeviceID.ProductClass <> “Value”

I’ll try, and thanks for the Spanish translation.

You are welcome!!