Correct precondition syntax for presets in 1.2.0+

I tinkered with a few formats, but was unable to replicate the right syntax for preconditions in presets.

It is easy enough to move tag qualifiers into the provisions themselves, but my preference in certain cases is to have them in the preset. One notable use is quick addition/removing of tag conditions when testing.

A follow-on question is if the current 1.2.0 roadmap plans to bring back any of the configurations from presets in previous versions (set, add/remove tag, etc.) or safe to assume those would need to migrate down into provisions.

v1.2 uses a new expression format. It’s used in filters/preconditions as well as other areas that require dynamic values such as the various configuration options. The format is modeled after the SQL WHERE clause. To filter on tag:

Tags.mytag IS NOT NULL

Hope that helps. I will document this format soon before the final release.


Hello Zaidka sorry to bother you. Do you know when you plan to add the documents for missing information for version 1.2? im driving mad looking for information about how to configure. Every feature that i try to enable i lost almost a day reading all forum message try to recopilate the information.

Thanks for the great work for this TR069 provisioning.

Not sure to be honest. Need to finalize v1.2 first and a last minute change I wanted to make turned out to be a massive undertaking. Maybe another couple of weeks until I can starting working on completing the docs.

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Hi Zaidka,

have you some more Informations for the new expression Format? The Tag is nice, but not enough and i doesn’t know any other way.