How to create cluster

Are there any best practices to create cluster for load distribution?
Should there be one DB for each instance genieacs?
And can I use one base for 1.1 and 1.2 ver? For testing in prod.

I have 3 servers installed running as ‘cluster’.
During troubleshooting when i’m deploying, you may need following systems are centralized :

  • mongodb
  • redis
    So, in my setting all 3 genieacs servers access to the same mongodb and redis.
    I never got successful result when each genie access’ to its own.

Hi, is there some configuration guideline how to configure few GenieACS instances to use one MongoDB/Redis ?

With ver 1.1, it’s straight forward.
Use load balancer to disribute the tr069 request. And all update the config lines those are related to mongo and resis to your redis/mongo server.

And what about v1.2 ?

As i don’t use 1 2, I have no idea.

Hi, I manage to find out how to do in in v1.2
Just using the configuration file (genieacs.env) and adding: