How to compile Genieacs in dev mode?

Hi All,
please someone help me out, from which location i will compile GenieAcs code.
I changed into dev mode from production.
Actually I changed in show.html file, without build it would not be reflact right?
please suggest me to rebuild to it.

npm install
npm run build

Please tell me location from where i need to do npm run build.
These are location.
2- cd geniacs
3- usr/lib/node_module/ geneiacs/public

I don’t know where you installed the source of genieacs … from that folder. To be sure you are in the right folder, you should have a package.json there with the genieacs dependencies and build instructions.

cd geniacs
this is location where " package.json there with the genieacs dependencies and build instructions" .
And i build project from here only, and successfully compiled. but nothing has bin changed.

did you get any errors?
ls -al ./dist/bin/ in the genieacs folder is not showing the time when you run the build command, for each binary?

i successfully compiled. even in html page passing wrong value also successfully compiled.

ok, so the build was successful … if the binaries do not reflect the changes you made, this means you made something wrong.