GUI related changes

Actually i made changes, but logo not reflecting on GUI. Then I try to compile it. when i checked in app.js folder there every thing change, but the thing is on GUI app.js is taking old one. not taking my new build app.js.
Am i doing correct way? or been diverted myself?
please help me out.

try to replaced /opt/genieacs-gui/app/assets/images/logo.png by your picture
it’s work for me

after change what i need to do? i stop gui server and restart. but logo not changed.

it’s enough, but if you are using docker… you must rebuild image or using volumes.

No, i am using my local pc only. my problem remain same.
how to rebuild the image?
or which version you, Genieacs installed?

clear cache in your browser?

Version 1.1.3

yes! I deleted my cookies but no changes

Can you suggest something else?
about my Pc configuration–> Liunux 16.04 genieAcs 1.2.3.

how you start gui? pls tell.

sudo systemctl start genieacs-gui

Is this correct right?
I have many thing to do in GenieAsc.

it’s right, if I understand correctly.

ok will see, but may you help me in other issue?
How can i set parameter to cpe from acs?
like create service in cpe ?
or any other modification from acs.

this discussion can help you:

if you changed the image clearing cookies is not helpful, you must clear the cached images. Ctrl+F5 (force refresh of the page) in the genieacs UI should load the new image … if not, you didn’t change the right image.

I changed it at this → /opt/genieacs-gui/app/assets/images/logo.png location.
Is this correct location??

note that it’s logo.svg and the location depends on where you installed genieacs. I have it in /usr/lib/node_modules/genieacs/public/logo.svg for example.

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I will put my logo and change it with xyz.svg… right?

you must use the same name and format. If you change it you must also change the source code

Thanks @lavira Thanks a lot…
I am struggling for this last couple of weeks.
really u saved my day.

thanks @wariator to respond and given your time.