Getting stats from the devices strategy

Hi guys,
I just deployed GenieACS in my network successfully (Thank you everyone in there for your help)
Now I’d like to be able to get some stats from my devices to feed them to prometheus.

¿Do you know any guide o documentation so I can get started?

Thank you!

You probably need to include a lot more information about what kind of stats you want. My psychic abilities are failing me…

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XD sorry Dan, you are right :slightly_smiling_face:

I see a few comercial solutions that uses GenieACS as a provision service, and all of them have like a monitoring system included.
Typical things you can see there are, stats about gpon power, RX and TX stats from the gpon interface, clients connected to the WIFI and RRSI , etc… All kind of thinks than my be helpful for an ISP administrator.

I think they don’t use snmp, and since you can get this stats from Genieacs, I’m wondering if other people are extracting this date from genie, and how is the recomended way to extract them.


You can gather the information about a device using the NBI.