GenieACS UI 1.2.0-beta parse params

Hello community.

Grandstream phone(s) (tested with GXP2130 with the latest, non beta firmware)
have a buggy param with a space (X_GRANDSTREAM_ AvailableUnregisterOnReboot) - space after “_”, before “A”

Viewing this device (in GenieACS UI) I’ve got an error: mount-redraw.js:15 PARSING FAILED
Should I patch mount-redraw.js or there are some other solutions?

Best regards.

My suggestion is to patch soap.ts where you strip the white space before the message is processed.

Please also consider reporting this issue to Grandstream if you can. You’d be saving others time troubleshooting this.

yes, this issue already reported, and ticket is opened for grandstream developers.
Thank you.

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