Should I consider install GenieACS within docker? Why?

I’m very beginner with GenieACS.

Gittela told: “It seems that the preferred way (to install GenieACS) is now docker…”. That is exactly what I’m trying to conclude today.
How to get this conclusion?

I’m in a project that will use GenieACS and I have to install it on Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04. And I must document all the installation. My manager asked me to decide to install GenieACS with or without Docker. So, I have to figure out what is the best choice.

Can someone point me some source of documentation/discussion/blog that discuss about installing GenieACS withing Docker and why do it? If I could find some comparison about these 2 choices, it would be great.

Any hint will be very helpful!

Best regards.

This is fake news :slight_smile: I’m not a dev ops expert, and even if I was I probably wouldn’t make a recommendation as to how everyone should deploy the software.

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Thank you for the reply. I will try to discovery what are the advantages of running GenieACS within Docker.
Maybe some dev ops expert here will comment too. Let’s see…

Best regards.

Hi, my experience with install GenieACS on ubuntu was unsuccessful. I failed to install node.js smoothly.
On docker is a simple install then docker containers are predefined. And I no longer have to waste time installing GenieACS. And my linux guys can update OS where Docker is running and not crash GenieACS.

I tried classic way but only docker GenieACS works fine.

it’s not “better”. It’s easier to deploy and manage because someone else made the container in the correct way, which is similar to develop a good software installer. Because of linux, building up a general and easy-to-support installer is not convenient without docker, as docker provide the necessary level of abstraction. I usually spend a lot of time saying people not to use Docker where it is not needed or it does not give any advantage or even makes things harder. It is the opposite with GenieACS, this is the perfect example of a complex app which is really easily deployable via docker. I used to deploy GenieACS regularly without docker for testing purposes, I recently experimented deploying GenieACS on Azure App Service with Docker-Compose Preview, and this is the only way I have to get it running on such a service, and this is the only reasonable option nowadays for public cloud providers allowing multi-service apps to run in shared VM instances.

Hello @baronkis or somebody for here…

I need help with Genie configurations on Docker please.
Actually Genie its pooling on 172.18.X.X and I need that listen devices at the same network that the physical host.

I need help to configure Genie from scratch.

Many thanks.