GenieACS default parameters


How can I change which parameters GeniACS 1.2.9 should query automatically?


If I understand your question correctly you want to change which parameters GenieAcs refreshes/updates “automatically”.

If you look at your provisions there should be one named “default”. This provision already has some parameters that are refreshed hourly. Here you can add more.

I found it, thanks for the help.
Actually, I need to be able to manage NATed devices.
I installed the https:// github. com/jselbie/stunserver STUN server, run it with the following command: ./stunserver --primaryinterface ens18 --reuseaddr
This part works, but I still can’t configure the devices because GenieACS is trying to access them via the WAN ip address.
In GenieACS, I set the cwmp.udpConnectionRequestPort 3478 parameter on the admin/config page.
I was able to read the InternetGatewayDevice.ManagementServer.UDPConnectionRequestAddress parameter, but GenieACS still tries to reach remote clients on the WAN ip address.