[ERROR] : Bad session state

I am trying to authenticate a few new devices but I am getting Bad Session State.

The device is added in the Device List but nothing happens afterwards…

I have made a capture… but the forum doesn’t allow me to upload it.

Thanks in advance!

before that I recommend to try to provide as much context as possible.

also check the logs in /var/log/genieacs/genieacs-cwmp and journalctrl if you are using a debian-based linux distro – others distros might use /var/log/messages.

Hello! Sorry, my bad.
The genieacs seems to be working fine, since all the other models works fine.
I have found some refurbished devices and I am trying to make them work. All modems of that type are having the exact same problem.

First the modem send the initial package,
GenieAcs respond with

and finally the modem respond with
Method not supported

9000 series errors are all CPE errors. Look in the syslog of the device. If you can ssh into the device and look at syslog directly, thats my recommendation. A lot of times the log entries that are exposed via InternetGatewayDevice.DeviceInfo.DeviceLog or the built-in GUI log viewer are missing stuff. The best luck I’ve had is hooking a console cable up to the device. There are a lot of errors and log messages that are only output to the serial console on some devices.

I see… I will try to debug, but the CPE is restricted.

Thank you very much for your time!