DISCOVERYSERVICE Device Added Randomly

We have had this particular instance of genie running for over half a year at this point, and all of a sudden a new device has been added to genie labeled DISCOVERYSERVICE as the product class with a random serial number and nothing else. I’ve attached a screenshot below. This is the second time it has happened, but both happened after work when nothing was being done with the server.

Thanks in advance!

I’ve just enabled UFW on my genie server and allowed 7547 from only the IP range of my CPE’s, assuming this was intended to be a malicious entry, I believe it will not come back once I delete it.

put your ACS on a VLAN.

This is the answer. You ACS should also require credentials from the CPE. And your CPEs should require credentials as well.

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The VLAN or UFW? My acs uses the AUTH(username, password) which is the user and pass which is entered into the CPEs to report to the acs.

@cingelj16 , I’m also experiencing the same issue for the past 2 weeks. Have you been able to find out the root cause of this issue and ways to resolve this?

I had to setup the firewall with the ufw command and allow my IP ranges through to ports 7547, 7557, 7567 and 3000. The discovery service stopped appearing completely.

Noted and thanks for your reply. Hopefully it gonna work on my system as well.