Disable ping when entering a device view

Is there any way to disable ICMP ping when entering the device view ?

I always wondered why this feature is there since most device simply don’t reply to ping from WAN and it add traffic to network capture while trying to debug stuff.

Also, it feel weird to me to use ICMP ping. Why not use TR-069 utility like UDP echo ?


perhaps editing the code should be the correct way. either on JS side or server side.

another hack could be:

rudy@rudy:~$ alias ping=:
rudy@rudy:~$ ping sarasa

edit: another one: rename /bin/ping. Not really a good idea but I just confirmed it does the trick.

Thanks rudymartin. Sorry for the late answer, I didn’t come to this forum for some time now.

I presume I will have to check the code. I was wondering if it was possible through the config like for enabling or disabling debug. By example, by changing somthing similar to ui.device.1.type where the value is “ping”

if it won’t interfere with anything else, I suggest go with the rename trick