Misbehaving CPE breaks "Edit device page"


we have been testing different CPE models and came across one, which “misbehaved” in such a way, so that “ConnectionRequestURL” under “InternetGatewayDevice.ManagementServer” (yes, this is an older device, using IGW:1, instead of newer Dev:2) was empty.

Looks like this empty value affected the “Edit device page” view - you could not request an update of any values - we traced the issue to the “ping” module, which failed due to empty host name - the host name is retrieved from “ConnectionRequestURL” parameter.

We edited the “ping” entry out of the page by removing line 2 of config:
- type: "‘ping’"

After that, “Edit device page” view was usable, BUT because “ConnectionRequestURL” was still empty (it is a readonly value), polling of device values was not possible.

Provisioning of device although still works, so you can provision it. And if you need a specific refresh, a Preset and provision script needs to be created to poll the requested value. As a workaround.

After some testing, we determined that “https” ACS URL was the culprit for device to misbehave. We changed it’s URL to a “http” URL for this specific type of device. After that, “ConnectionRequestURL” was populated.

Current solution: use “http” instead “https” in ACS CWMP URL for this device type.

P.S. Can we report this as a bug - where?