Device is offline message

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I installed genieacs and its working fine with mikroitk … i can ping the device and make a reboot for it but always show me the device offline although i can ping it from server …

Also this what appear to me when press refresh button


Invalid Parameter name

Any advice …

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The “Device is Offline” message shows up when you do a get/set parameter value/refresh object, etc and the CPE doesn’t respond before the connection timeout (defaults to 3000ms).

Thanks for contributing … Actually i already set the TR069 3s as you can see below ans i still facing the same error message …

Any advice plz … Thanks in advance

@akcoder Any advice please … Thanks in advance

Hi, please make sure you permit in the mikrotik firewall packets coming from your ACS on the INPUT chain. You should also set the ConnectionRequestUsername and ConnectionRequestPassword from a provisioning script.

If you still receive this error, you should sniff the traffic between the ACS and the CPE to figure out what is happening. I also advise you to increase the periodic inform to at least 1 minute.

@lavira … Thanks for your replay … actually when i press refresh it’s bring up the CPE parameters also when i press on reboot from genieacs the CPE reboot fine … but why the message offilne device appear although the device online and get order from ACS … in my CPE in didn’t set any firewall …
Also if there is problem in ConnectionRequestUsername and ConnectionRequestPassword … Then how i an reboot the CPE from ACS …

Thanks in advance for any advice

Looks like ACS > CPE connections could be established, but CPE > ACS could not. So possible firewall configuration. I guess there are firewalled devices between ACS and CPE? You can check there also. Secondly you can minimise active presets, leave only default inform functions, may be wrong syntax in your provisions code.

no, it’s quite the opposite. TR69 protocol clearly states that every CWMP session is initiated by the CPE, so CPE -> ACS works. In order to perform a immediate action on the CPE, the ACS can issue a Connection Request, wich is a simple HTTP GET at the ConnectionRequestURL (that the CPE sends at any inform/boot/bootstrap…etc event) with the correct ConnectionRequestUsername & password … if this is successful, the CPE will initiate a CWMP session to the ACS asap with the 6 CONNECTION REQUEST event and on that session it will receive all the RPCs that are pending.

This step is not working in your case … BUT, because you set the Inform interval to 3 seconds, you have the impression it works … set the inform interval to 1hour and you will see that it will take up to 1 hour for the CPE to refresh parameters or reboot after you requested it.

The reason it’s not working could be a routing problem or firewall (NAT could also be an issue) between the CPE and the ACS.

then what to allow on NAT.
incoming traffic on port 7547 ??.

how to make ACS to CPE & CPE to ACS communication behind NAT. ?

Best option is to eliminate NAT. If the ACS is NOT inside your network, and you access it over the internet you also have options:

  • switch to IPv6
  • STUN
  • XMPP
  • configure VPN tunnel … etc
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