Delay for set next parameters

I want to configure WLAN parameters but CPU utilization 100% at this time. I have a “session timeout” by device when configured that. And other parameters don’t set. How can i set delay for next operation in provisioning?

server.keepAliveTimeout = 30000;
genieacs version 1.1.3

Split your provisioning into two steps:

  1. First preset is triggered on 0 BOOTSTRAP event. Apply the various configuration you need and set a tag to trigger the next step.

  2. The second preset is triggered on said tag and the lack of a 0 BOOTSTRAP event. Apply the remaining configuration and remove tag.

i have a similar issue i am setting tag on BOOTSTRAP
the provision is in 3 steps
bootstrap > create connections > set tag “Step1” > Reboot
boot > create voice profile > set tag “Setp2” clear tag “Step1” > Reboot
boot > change passwords > set tag “provisioned” clear tag “Step2” > Reboot

Firstep works as said
but on second step the script is running multiple times so before reboot the step 3 is executing !!

any solution ??