CWMP software for on Archer c80

I would like to provide cwmp interface on my Archer c80 router? Could anyone help me with such piece of software?


there are two way:

Adoption the device page or creating own software.

I did both, I adopted the device page for my needs and also created some tools for tasks that could not be solved with the provided genieacs ui. e.g. automated speedtests or visualisation of graphs

@JonasGhost, how did you create a page for automated speedtests?

It is based on tr143.
Here are some Infos I used for that project:

It is based on tr143 and iperf depending on the device.

  1. Read the settings from the for
  2. Set the information for the Speedtest on the device
  3. If ipfer the run the Speedtest else wait
  4. Read data from CPE
  5. Set device settings back if needed

The page uses the API from genieacs.

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Great, did you use GenieACS GUI?

No I did write a own page that is running on a different service. The service is for Speedtest, special device filter and automating Speedtest.

But it is very specific for my company.

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