Cwmp.9010 - Could not start download

Hello there,

I’ve had my genieACS server running for some time now, and a few months ago, while testing, everything was working pretty decently, and it would fail to configure 1/10, and a simple reboot would make the ATA fetch the configuration. Fast-forward to now, I keep getting the same issue over and over again.

Fault Code: cwmp.9010
Fault Message: Could not start download

38.x.x.x C074AD-HT801-207GHPAP50E04DB9: Inform; cpeRequestId="haU761yJla" informEvent="7 TRANSFER COMPLETE,M Download" informRetryCount=0
38.x.x.x C074AD-HT801-207GHPAP50E04DB9: CPE request; cpeRequestId="haU761yJla" cpeRequestName="TransferComplete" cpeRequestCommandKey="18da32dda460000"
38.x.x.xC074AD-HT801-207GHPAP50E04DB9: Channel has faulted; channel="boot" retries=0 **faultCode="cwmp.9010" faultMessage="Could not start download"**
38.x.x.x C074AD-HT801-207GHPAP50E04DB9: Inform; cpeRequestId="haU761yJla" informEvent="4 VALUE CHANGE" informRetryCount=0

I have a STUN server which seems to be working fine, although I get a bad udp cksum when the genieACS/STUN server tries to connect to the CPE, but no issues when the CPE tries to connect to the server.

38.x.x.x.54320 > gitlab.3478: [udp sum ok] UDP, length 44
gitlab.3478 > 38.x.x.x.54320: [bad udp cksum 0x5959 -> 0xdab2!] UDP, length 88

If I try to summon from the ACS server, sometimes it will work, and other times it doesn’t.

I had to put all the images into one as I can’t post more than one media
Here are some of my configurations:

I was able to push a configuration file from the genieACS server to the CPE above. The first time stalled, but after refreshing the request, the file was pushed and the ATA configured with the proper phone configuration.

Let me know if I’m missing anything to help me, help you to figure out the root of my issue

Seems like it was most likely due to a wrong file name. I have a python program that pulls data from an API, and generate the file and all the configurations.

The MAC pulled from the API must have been wrong, so the file name being the ATA was requesting didn’t exist, hence “Couldn’t start download”.

I changed the MAC on the API, ran the script again, and the ATA started provisioning without any issues.

Sorry for the trouble.