Error 9003 CWMP Genieacs1.2.8 with Mercku Router


So Ive got Genieacs up and running finally I was overthinking it

Anyways working on testing with some CPE that we use here at our ISP
SPA worked fine we cannot reboot remotely we arent looking at managing config for that as we have to tftp them in house these are ATA devices

Mercku WiFi routers
getting a 9003 code

Please note I have not set up any external scripts or anything as I am just working off of basically a bare metal install of ubuntu with basics just to run GenieACS
Please provide information is this a server side issue that we need to probe for the correct number of Parameters since it comes back Null or is this a CPE issue that I need to deep dive the CPE ?

Hi @Grummanae,

9003 error code means that you are trying to set a value that CPE doesn’t support.

In this CPE Fault codes link at page 71 you can see all CPE response codes an their means :wink:


Wondering if there is documentation on FIle/directory layout of GenieACS assuming one did a NPM install and did not move/relocate any files

I am asking this because I want to know where to go to edit the CWMP xml files

There are no cpe xml files as far as i know.

Right but the ACS sends a .xml SOAP file to the equipment to request after the cpe authenticates
I am curious to where those are on the ACS server to pull them and possibly edit them
if its done in ACS GUI or through Terminal

The ACS does not send an XML file. The ACS and the CPE exchange SOAP messages. All the data in those is generated dynamically.

Take a look to this dir. Maybe you can find some useful files:


Ill have to look at that on my VM installation right now this is set up on AWS

but a little more insight into what Im seeing from the GenieACS GUI

when Im in the device Im seeing at the bottom Displaying 776 out of 1732 parameters.

and this is the error text faultCode: “9003”
faultString: Invalid arguments
setParameterValuesFault: null
so Im wondering if I need to open up more parameters etc

The CPE Im working on has the following entries

ACS settings
that has Server URL and port
and login information

CPE settings
login information

these are Mercku M2 standalone routers
running 1.9.7 firmware
and in this instance it is my personal Network so I have 2 M2 Standalone in a Mesh system

could having 2 of these units in a Mesh somehow be breaking TR069 for a generic server ?
Mercku does have a proprietary solution availible and Im wondering if they could be clearly geared to that and somehow break a generic TR069 system like GenieACS and cause a 9003 error