Create Devices manually through GUI or curl


i’m trying to create a new device (offline) manually through GenieACS GUI or curl, without any CPE contact or TR069 sinalization. Just like “files” or “presets” i thought that we could create new devices through PUT command or something like that.

Do you know if is there any way to create new device manually through GenieACS GUI ou curl?

Ferdinando Terada

Why are you trying to do this? Yes its possible, but the reason most people want to do this is not a good idea.

I already connected CPE and ACS through TR069 and everything worked fine. It’s a lab test to see if it’s possible to insert a device manually into GenieACS (just a testcase)… How can I do that?

Thanks in advance,
Ferdinando G. Terada

look at the genieacs-simulator