Can you not sort by Tags on index page?

I have this in my index page config:

- label: "'Tags'"
  parameter: Tags
  type: "'tags'"
  writable: false

It shows the sort option above it, but doesn’t sort by the tags we have there.

your question makes no sense to me. Could you please indicate a scenario where it could be useful? With a default of 20 devices shown per page, what would you expect to happen if you click on the column?

We use tags with the purpose of indicate a job to be done to a CPE, and also we have each CPE tagged with the PPPoE username, which allow us to quickly locate a CPE just by knowing customer id. Our criteria is to have the minimum number of tags per CPE.

We use the Tag as a name, because some of our equipment does not have a place in it software for a nickname or device name.

So, I tag it with a name, so it is easier to know who the equipment belongs to on the index page, IE: Doe,John

Just thought it would be nice to sort by name, like you can sort by every other other parameter on the screen.

I know you can disable the sort from showing up for Tag, but just wondered if I was missing something to make it sort.

I can see why it might be a bit tricky to sort, as it can have more than one Tag per device, but was just asking.

Even using it like you do, looks like it would be nice to sort, as you could group up all of one tag name in a place, but I guess I’m wrong.

yeah I get it, as is, if you need to locate an specific customer CPE you need the serial number. By using customer id we can locate a CPE in seconds but still, I think I might have searched for 5 customers CPE since I put the tag in place, and that was several months ago.

the way I see it, GenieACS UI is not intended for every day use. We open it only if something very strange happens, and by we, I mean my boss and I, because not even the people at our networking department needs it. In short, GenieACS just works and could work totally unattended for several years unless we suddenly get several millions of new customers.

If you ever consider giving it access to a normal user like customer support or even networking, then perhaps what you really need is another software to handle your real needs, even if some of those are related to CPE configuration.

Yeah, I am definitely going to use IMSI or serial number to go directly to equipment data, as those numbers will be consistently available and known for equipment.

Sorting on the Tag is definitely not a problem, just making sure I wasn’t missing something about making it work that way. I’ll just put (unsortable: true) back, so it won’t show the non working option next to the Tag label.

I’m with @rudymartin. I almost never use the GenieACS UI unless I’m onboarding a brand new CPE and trying to sort out how the vendor has screwed up the data model. Everything else is all handled automatically with GenieACS and our subscriber management server communicating and sorting everything out.