Bypass TP-Link "quick setup"

Hi all,

I’m new to Genie and Javascript so please excuse the ignorance!

I’ve managed to get the acs talking with a lab TP-Link cpe and its setting some basic settings SSID etc.

On a first boot or a factory reset I can see that my settings are sent to the CPE and implemented however if you login to the gui it still asks you to go through the quick setup, this may be a note of concern as it leaves customers the opportunity to change the connection type.

Does anyone know how I can bypass the quick setup?

Many thanks,

I’m not familiar with the TP link stuff, but on most of the CPE’s I’ve used that have a quick start wizard there is a way to disable it (or mark the wizard as complete so the user isn’t prompted) via TR069.

Refresh the entire data model for your CPE. Then look at params that start with X_ and then filter those and look for one that says quick start or wizard or first or some variation of that. If you tickle that bit the wizard should stop showing for the user.

Alternatively, you can take a bog standard CPE and refresh the entire data model. Capture a snapshot of the parameter values. Then run through the wizard on the CPE and take another capture and then diff those. I’ve had to do this many, many times.

Perfect, thanks for the assistance. I found the parameter, just a case of getting it to work now :smiley: worse case I’ll diff it like you mentioned. Thanks again.

@arphillips06 , please, share the parameter to help future users that are searching this! ;D

maybe you can try look arround in this file
it is taken out from EC220-G5