Adding the options in admin page

Good Evening Everyone,
I am trying to add model options in admin page after users, but i didn’t get the options. Please tell me where I want do the changes. Please help me out. I trying from last 2 days… please do needful… thanks in Advance

What exactly are you trying to do?

Thank you for your reply… I am trying to add the model page in admin. I got the page in admin. You have any documentation of this project or internal working of code documentation can you share me.

The source code is public. Look on github.

I saw the source code but I can’t understanding how the front end and backend working.

the ui dir is going to contain everything for the front end. And lib is the backend stuff.

Thank you. If you don’t mind can you tell me, how the users collection is creating. I am trying to creating option collection in database. I didn’t got.