Trying to create model collection in database

Good Evening all,
Is there anyone tried to creating the other collection except default collections in mongodb database? If you tried, please tell me how to do it…
Thanks in advance

Its not clear at all what you are trying to accomplish

we have user collection in database right. So I want to create model collection in database. How to do this?
Thank you

Google is your friend. I don’t mind helping point people in the right direction, but you are talking about hacking at the code for GenieACS. You really need a higher level of understanding if you want to do that. Or you can engage with a paid support contract by contacting

I don’t think, my question is hacking question. I am asked casually. I trying from last two day. Thank you your suggestion. Again thanks for reply.

Are you talking about this collection?

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Yes. I am talking about this collection.

Got it, have you tried to use mongoose? Recently I was modifying the device collections in my ext script
Maybe you could “create” some collections too, actually it’s easy if I’m thinking right

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Thanks for your reply. Yes, I am using mongoose. I tried but i don’t no where I want to do the changes.

Well, you need to know what you want and maybe I could help you.
An idea, it’s manipulate your mongo by an ext script, like I did

Hii, I got the model collection in database. @Felipe thanks for your reply. If you don’t mind, if you have any Documentation. How the Backend api’s called and where that Backend api’s present. Working flow backend code. This is my email ID

I’m glad I could help you!

You can see API documentation for more information on how to use

Good morning, @Felipe Thank you…

Hii, I have one question. If we connected one CPE to Genieacs, how that Tr069 fetch the details from CPE. @Felipe .

If I’m not wrong, after you “connected” your CPE to Genie, next inform cpe will give all params to server, you can set the inform time in CPE and in your inform provision.

Sorry, i don’t know much about this because I am new to this project. Yesterday only I connected CPE to Genieacs. You already told, if we connect the CPE to Genieacs. CPE will give the all the parameters to Genieacs server. So can you please tell me, how that all the parameters we are fetching and displaying on the UI.

This is not accurate.

So I suggest you help him if you can :slightly_smiling_face:

Help me. @akcoder how is working.

If only there was documentation someone could read that had the answers they seek…

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