Error editing filters and.. blank page

I fucked up editing the filters page and now I’m stuck with a blank page,
I’m trying to edit the file via command line but I cannot find it. Can someone point where to look? I also looked and the database with no luck


Ok… got it!
The filter config is in the database (no wonder why I couldn’t find the file…), the exact parameter was:

  • { “_id” : “ui.filters.3.type”, “value” : “string” } <-- wrong
  • { “_id” : “ui.filters.3.type”, “value” : “‘string’” } <-- right!

Everything working now

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Just so its clear to other people whats going on, I’ve put this in a code block so the changes are more visible without the curly quotes discord uses.

{ "_id" : "ui.filters.3.type", "value" : "string" } <-- wrong
{ "_id" : "ui.filters.3.type", "value" : "'string'" } <-- right!
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I got same error after edit filter. How did you solve the issue ?