(A *really* annoying) BUG: Script editor UI disappears if you look at it the wrong way

Current behaviour: when using the editor window if the user clicks anywhere (Or accidentally bushes an Apple Magic Mouse, or Track Pad in the wrong area, or look at it in a mildly annoyed way) but the editor text area, the dialog window closes and all changes are lost. Repeatedly. Because Javascript makes me ragey.

Expected behaviour: only when the user clicks “Save”, “Delete” or add a new UI option “Close” should the dialog disappear.

Environment: Mac with the most ridiculously sensitive Magic Mouse/Trackpad

Yours ragingly

~ Rich

p.s. I’m going to go check-in to my local mental-health service now with javascript related rage-hate.

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I agree, it’s very annoying. I need to edit the config in an external editor or I can accidentally lose an unsaved configuration if I click wrongly.

Oops. It was a deliberate descision to make it like that. Being a suprior trackpoint user, it doesn’t bother me. But I should probably fix it for you mere mortals who are unfortunate enough to be stuck with a touchpad with no physical buttons.

Counter rant: tap to click is objectively bad and if you prefer it over physical buttons then your opinion is wrong and this can be proven in court.

Perhaps add a “tainted” flag to the window if the content changes at all… and if that flag is true, then the dialog doesn’t close unless saved or discarded?

@zaidka Maybe adding the automatic saving function when the window “accidentally” disappears?

The current UX makes me start swearing when my code disappears and I have to start all over again :slight_smile:

PS: I use a traditional computer mouse on a cable.

What would be awesome is a VS Code plugin to edit provision/vparam scripts. I currently rarely edit my scripts in the built-in editor instead copy/pasting into a temp file and editing with my ide…