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This is sobhanadri. This is my second post.

when i entered URL in browser, after starting 4-services , i am getting that, YOU ARE NOT AUTHORISED TO VIEW THIS PAGE.

after that, i am giving user name and password, i am getting UI_JWT_SECRET not set.

Anyone can give suggestions


  • don’t just open new threads for the same problem
  • you must define the GENIEACS_UI_JWT_SECRET like I mentioned in the other post
  • you must restart the genieacs-ui for the change to apply

GENIEACS_UI_JWT_SECRET or GENIEACS_UI_JWT_SECRED , i think its a spelling mistake.

in /run/user/1000/gvfs , what type of content its contains. when i am viewing this, it is showing it contains directory, bt user,super user options it is showing ??? .

can u explain

It’s GENIEACS_UI_JWT_SECRET , I had a typo that I fixed now, sorry abut that.

The gvfs file has nothing to do with genieacs … all the settings for genieacs must be in a .env file that is passed to the systemd service with the EnvironmentFile= option. If you run the service manually, then you must first load the .env file manually (source ./genieacs.env).

hi good morning,

In which file , we will get TYPO variables. i am running genieacs.env file, log files are not generating. can you send u r environment file for reference

typo = typing mistake
genieacs.env is what you should be using and systemd for running the services.
If the services are active and running (you can check with systemctl status genieacs-cwmp) then you can view the logs for each process with journalctl -u genieacs-cwmp (replace cwmp with fs, nbi … for the other services). If you defined log files, then you must make sure genieacs process has the rights to write there.

In which file UI_JWT_SECRET is to be set

We placed in /root/genieacs/config/config.json

but its not working.

can any one explains

If you have the latest genieacs version (1.2.5) then in the genieacs.env file. The file is located in /opt/genieacs/ if you followed the install instructions exactly … if not, look in service definition file for the “EnvironmentFile=”. The service definition file is found when issuing systemctl status genieacs-cwmp in the line starting with “Loaded:”.