XMPP Configuration with BOOTSTRAP Provision

Hi all,

I am trying to send XMPP configuration with creating a XMPP Connection object and setting related parameters.

I followed this document from the docs and added this line to bootstrap script:

declare("Device.XMPP.Connection.[Username:example]",  {path: now}, {path: 1});

But, it does not send a AddObject RPC to the CPE. But, I can delete XMPP Connection object with this statement for a CPE which already has a connection object.

declare("Device.[]", null, {path: 0});

I searched on the forum for provision scripts but could not figure out how to add object. Does anyone try similar provisioning? Anyone can help me?

Can you add an instance via the GUI?

Actually, I can delete instances from GUI with the button but I can not add instance with the same way.

Okay, your CPE vendor has probably set Device.XMPP.Connection as not writeable. Set cwmp.skipWritableCheck to true in Admin → Config. Then reload the CPE in the UI and see if you can now add an instance. If you can, then let your CPE vendor know they have messed things up.

Your vendor is probably going to say some shit like “but it works for everyone else.” And point them back to the spec which says that Device.XMPP.Connections is writable.

GenieACS works very hard to adhere to the spec. Other vendors play more fast and loose with the spec.

After setting this config, I was able to add object.

Thank you for your help.

You need to contact your vendor to have them fix the issue. Turn on debug for the device in question, refresh Device.XMPP.Connection and then show them the soap trace showing writable as false for Device.XMPP.Connection and then point them to the spec.

I’ve already informed them about the issue.