How GenieACS recognize when to use XMPP while making Connection Request

@zaidka could you please help me to understand how the GenieACS is making decision on how to communicate with the CWMP client/CPE via Connection Request in the scenario when the CPE/client has XMPP configured?
Is there specific parameter the GenieACS is checking in the data base to decide whether use direct connection for Connection Request or making it via XMPP server?
I can only suspect this parameters may be:
I will be appreciated for you answer.

It attempts to send an XMPP connection request if the following two conditions are met:

  • The environment variable GENIEACS_XMPP_JID is set.
  • The parameter ManagementServer.ConnReqJabberID holds a truthy value (e.g. non-empty string)

Otherwise, it falls back to a regular HTTP-based connection request.