Working on Tag With New Device

Is there a way, we can make the provision work on Tag Basis…When the device is not registered in DB.
I have series of Config Need to push to ONT.

I wouldn’t recommend using tags that way. Instead, have that info stored in your own database and make Genie read the info from there. You can expose a value from an external source as a vparam and use that vparam in your precondition.

Let me tell you my requirement. I need to configure ont based on the services subscribe by customer. That detail is extracted from external script. Based on the output from that need to trigger various set of command

Now, all logic and provision set are written in one single script

The main problem with that is the device geta stuck in endless loop and chances of sandbox session issue

This should be fixable. Have you investigated why it’s happening?


Is this due to much complex provision script? Or is it the fault of onu