Which docs are correct?

There appears to be two different links to GenieACS documentation.

  1. https://docs.genieacs.com/en/latest/installation-guide.html
  2. https://genieacs.com/docs/

Both of them link from the home page:
link (1) can be found at the top of the page where the text “DOCS” is located
link (2) can be found under the text “DIY” right under the “Get Commercial Support” button

Following them also leads to two different versions of the documentation for the API.

I would imagine the docs that mention using node 10, and NPM to install it are probably the latest or suggested documentation, but someone may want to look into this to ensure you’re sending users to just one correct set of documentation, to avoid confusion.

Well, the first one is for installing v1.1, and the second for v1.2. So both are correct :slight_smile:

I see. After looking in more detail, I see the difference. However, shouldn’t the doc links someplace specify that a little more clearly…

So that people with 1.1 already installed will be able to find the 1.1 doc as reference even after 1.2 goes non-beta?

Sorry, I got those backwards. https://docs.genieacs.com/en/latest/installation-guide.html is for v1.2, the other is for v1.1