Where the admin config settings are stored

I’d like to describe my specific problem, which is why I’m interested in where the GenieACS config parameters are stored. My GenieACS is running on temporary VPS, which restarts in case of a crash but the data is not persistent. I want to ensure persistence for these configuration properties.

However, if it were possible to set cwmp.auth AUTH(“username”, “password”) via API, it would also solve my problem.

Thank you in advance for any advice."

Configuration is stored in the MongoDB. You can set the config values via the same API the UI uses.
You would do a PUT to api/config/cwmp.auth with a payload of JSON looking like this:

{ "value": "AUTH(username, password) OR AUTH(\"someUsername\", \"somePassword\")" }

Thank you for your response.

I’m not quite sure how to apply this as a curl command. Do you think you could give an example how to exactly setup up these values?

I expected something like that:

curl -i 'http://localhost:7557/api/config/cwmp.auth' -X PUT --data '{"value": "AUTH(olttest, somePassword) OR AUTH(\"olttest\", \"somePassword\")"}'

I’m missing something unfortunately.

curl -i 'https://localhost/api/config/cwmp.auth' -X PUT --data '{"value": "AUTH(username, password) OR AUTH(\'olttest\', \'somePassword\')"}'

You don’t PUT to the NBI (7557), but the UI (port 80, 443, or 3000 - depending on how you have it configured).

The first username, password values are unquoted for a reason. They are evaluated as variables.