Virtual parameter that is not set by the device

Hello there.
Is it possible to add a checkbox so I can check my devices by the port they ar connected in external devices.
I need to write if the device this connected to a eth0 or eth1 on location it is, So my idea would be creating eth0, eth1 and eth2 as checkboxes were I can save this info.
Thanks in advance.

Virtual parameters are not set by the device. But are a way for you to abstract away some of the details behind settings. For example, some devices use device model v1 (InternetGatewayDevice.), and others use v2 (Device.).

You can also use them to store stateful info about the CPE. I do this with diagnostic information (which interface the DELT was performed on, when the upload/download/icmp diagnostics were requested by our subscriber mgmt software, etc.

I also use a vparam to store the city the CPE is in (Each CPE has two interfaces, public and mgmt and each city has a different subnet assigned to the mgmt interface) by decoding which subnet its in. This makes it really easy to create graphs on the home screen for each city so we can figure out if we have network issues.


I also create a vparam for the WANAccessType, and that makes it easy to create graphs, but also to filter out devices for upgrades/reboots/etc.

In your case, I would use a VParam to store the port they are connected to. Your subscriber mgmt software, or a provision script would set the port vparam.

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