Upgrade config EG8245H

I try to download config throw GenieACS I use recomended script

let now = Date.now();
let model = declare(“InternetGatewayDevice.DeviceInfo.ModelName”,
{value: 1}).value[0];
//Map the CPE model to the config file
let cfgs = {
‘EG8245H’: ‘myconfigname.xml’

let lastConfigFile =
declare(“Downloads.[FileType:3 Vendor Configuration File].FileName”,
{value: Date.now()})

let configFile = cfgs[model];

if (!configFile) {
//log(‘No config for CPE’, {model: model, cfgs: cfgs});

if (lastConfigFile !== undefined && lastConfigFile.value !== undefined) {
lastConfigFile = lastConfigFile.value[0];
} else {
lastConfigFile = null;

if (lastConfigFile !== configFile) {
log(‘Upgrading config’, {model: model, configFile: configFile});
declare(“Downloads.[FileType:3 Vendor Configuration File]”,
{path: 1}, {path: 1});
declare(“Downloads.[FileType:3 Vendor Configuration File].FileName”,
{value: 1}, {value: configFile});
declare(“Downloads.[FileType:3 Vendor Configuration File].Download”,
{value: 1}, {value: now});

In log I saw that it downloaded but nothing change.
Where I make mistake?
Thank you in advance.

Do you see the corresponding “7 TRANSFER COMPLETE” event in the log for the CPE?

Whats in the logs on the device?

Yes I saw command “7 TRANSFER COMPLETE” than device reboot with
declare(“Reboot”, null, {value: Date.now()}) comand. But nothing change.
Tomorrow I will look to device logs.

in device log is

2019-10-23 12:46:55 [Error][Alarm-Log] AlarmID:104505,AlarmLevel:Error,Updating configuration file.Terminal:ACS

2019-10-23 12:46:56 [Error][Alarm-Log] AlarmID:104506,AlarmLevel:Error,Configuration file successfully updated.Terminal:ACS

2019-10-23 12:47:13 [Error][Alarm-Log] AlarmID:104001,AlarmLevel:Error,Device reset. Cause: [0], Terminal:ACS

1981-01-01 00:00:41 [Critical][Config-Log] Terminal:OLT(-),Result:Success,Type:Set,Msg:Me[11] Inst[257] Att[5] Val[0]

1981-01-01 00:00:41 [Critical][Config-Log] Terminal:OLT(-),Result:Success,Type:Set,Msg:Me[11] Inst[258] Att[5] Val[0]

1981-01-01 00:00:41 [Critical][Config-Log] Terminal:OLT(-),Result:Success,Type:Set,Msg:Me[11] Inst[259] Att[5] Val[0]

1981-01-01 00:00:41 [Critical][Config-Log] Terminal:OLT(-),Result:Success,Type:Set,Msg:Me[11] Inst[260] Att[5] Val[0]

I’d say contact your CPE vendor. Their error messages don’t make sense… “Error,Configuration file successfully updated.Terminal:ACS”

Hi all, this is my first post, so please don’t be harsh :slight_smile:

I have exactly the same thing, only with Huawei HG8247H model. With Push file from Devices tab, I got ONT provisioned, but trough Preset, with 0 BOOTSTRAP nothing happens. The XML files is correctly picked up by ONT in both cases.

Have anyone idea of what my be the problem?