[UI Suggestion] Tabbed component inside device-page

Hello Everyone,

I wanna to know how much acceptable could be the idea to create a tabbed component inside device-page to display different informations.
My idea is that this component will come with some default tabs (such as Info, LAN, etc) and the tab names as his contents could be filled as configuration parameters.

This will help people that directly works with genieacs ui to organize the CPE informations as needed.

I haven’t developed this yet, i just want to know if this feature is really needed and them, if this community approves, i could contribute with this project with this feature.

Best regards,

@zaidka could you please review this idea?

Sounds like a good idea. I think it warrants being included upstream if implemented in a general enough way to serve different use cases.

Keep in mind though that for the next major release of GenieACS we’re working on making the UI almost entirely customizable (no patching necessary) where you can create custom components as easily as creating virtual parameters. So it remains to be seen how useful such a component (or any of the other default components) is going to be.