TR143 - Bulk requests

Hey there,

To request TR143 to a ZTE device, I must send all the requests once.
As so, if I do edit the device field by field, and request to commit, it will send all the parameters one by one.

Is there another way to do that? By using the Genie UI ? Maybe tag?

How are you setting the information right now? API? UI?

Through the UI

Which TR143 params are you setting?

Download Diagnostics

I send the Requested on InternetGatewayDevice.DownloadDiagnostics.DiagnosticsState
and URL.

But the genie send it one by one.

You do not need to send them all at once (unless your vendor has broken firmware). Set the other params to what you want, and then set DiagnosticsState to Requested after everything else is set.

Yea, it’s broken, it only accepts all at once.
ZTE confirmed that.
Because when I send the Requested it tries start it right away, and should wait for the next parameter to begin (URL), but they mess it and have been hard to show them it.
Do you have a clue about what I should do to achieve that ?

According to the spec, the CPE should not do anything until the DiagnosticsState is set to Requested.

Your only option for setting things all at once is via the API. In GenieACS GUI v1.1 you have the option to send values all at once. I haven’t upgraded to v1.2 yet so I’m not familiar with how it works.