"Too many RPC requests" when trying to refresh the root object

Trying to invoke a refreshObject with no objectName ends in the Error message in the subject.

Device is a Gaoke FG7002N

Any idea how to solve this issue?

i have same issue

and need to know the suitable provisioning code need to set

i have that problem too.
i think it’s because some CPE is weak and more than 255 requests can break CPE.

you can fix it in file lib/session.ts, find block:

if (sessionContext.rpcCount >= 255) {
return {
fault: {
code: “too_many_rpcs”,
message: “Too many RPC requests”,
timestamp: sessionContext.timestamp
rpcId: null,
rpc: null

and change 255 to 511 or 1023, then tell us whats happend.))))

i have same issue, can anyone help me?

where is that file? there is no session.ts. How can i put in the current install 1.2 version?

Seem to need to add cwmp.maxCommitIterations on config tab with a some value like “128” or another (i add a bigger one).
Also you need to clone the last version and modify the file session.ts, then do “npm run build” , move the “dist” content to /opt/genieacs, and the on the /opt/genieacs do the “npm install --unsafe-perm”
Seems to first at all , need to also uninstall the current version with “sudo npm uninstall --unsafe-perm genieacs” under current installed folder. I didnt lost the parameters i think that is under mongoDB…

The file is session.js which is in /genieacs/lib/ folder. I have changed the value from 255 to 1023 and it could fix “too many RPC requests” problem.