"too_many_cycles" "Too many provision cycles" Faults


I have been getting more and more of these faults on my CPEs with no discernible reason for their cause. We used to only get a few hundred, then a few thousand, now we get upwards of 20,000+ per device of these and it actually drags accessing the genie GUI (and our website using a python genie api) to a halt. I thought it was due to our provisioning scripts but I added “###” to the events tab to stop the scripts from running and I still get 20k or more faults.


You have competing presets/provisions.

I attempted to add weights to my provisions to get them to have priority over the other. As well as commenting the “event” tab out like so. Unfortunately I still seem to get over 20k faults.

Thank you!

put a return; as the first line on the provision you want to “disable”

@akcoder @rudymartin With a “return;” at the beginning of each script, I am still getting the faults.


perhaps I should have said “in the provision” ? I was referring to the provision, so you can leave the presets alone.

it is within the provision script that I added the return line. You can see it in my screenshot since its the first line of each of the files. Unfortunately I still get the faults.

restart genieacs if it still persist.

Still faulting after reboot, with all scripts with “return;” as the first line.

based on this post I realized it works the same way as device filtering in the UI. So if you put a false on the preset’s precondition field, no devices will match the preset.

that should do the trick. At least to pinpoint with preset/provision is the one doing the mess.

Sadly, still faulting.

You have disabled every preset and still encounter this issue? Have you ensured there were no queued tasks?

The next step is to to to Admin → Config → New config with these params:
Key: cwmp.debug
Value: DeviceID.ID = “<acs_id_of_your_device>”


Then you need to initiate communication with the CPE and then review the genieacs-debug.yaml file in your log directory. The exact location is specified in the GENIEACS_DEBUG_FILE param in your genieacs.env file.

What you are looking for is where a value is getting flipped back and forth.