Tags are not being applied after factory/new config upload to CPE

We are having trouble with tags that activate false or true to one interface on a CPE.

It’s pretty easy, the presets says that if you have the tag “zyxel-nat” you will get internet and it does this.
Device.IP.Interface.5.Enable “true”
if you dont have the tag the interface will automatic be shut
Device.IP.Interface.5.Enable “false”

The issue occurs when we add a new config to the cpe or do a factory reset, its like genieacs dont register the tags that already exists on the on genieacs…
To get it to work u have to remove the tag and refresh, then re-add tag “zyxel-nat” and do a refresh again.

Read this since i cant not paste more then 2 links…

Are you forcing Genie to refresh its cached parameters on factory reset? Because it might be that the ACS is simply not aware that the parameter values have changed after factory reset.

To force a refresh, create a provision with the following script:

clear("Device", Date.now());
clear("InternetGatewayDevice", Date.now());

And have that triggered on “0 BOOTSTRAP” event. See http://docs.genieacs.com/en/latest/provisions.html#clear-path-timestamp

Yes, i have.
Here is the script i am using.


let now = Date.now();

clear("Device", now);

declare("Device.DeviceInfo.*", { value: now });
declare("Device.Ethernet.Link.*.*", { value: now });
declare("Device.IP.Interface.*", { value: now });

declare("Tags.huawei_acs", null, { value: false });
declare("Tags.huawei_config", null, { value: false });
declare("Tags.cisco_acs", null, { value: false });
declare("Tags.cisco_config", null, { value: false });
declare("Tags.provisioning", null, { value: false });

log("DONE zyxel-bootstrap");

Still not working :frowning:

It looks like you’re removing the tags there so naturally any preset with those tags as a precondition won’t be applied.

The “zyxel-nat” is the one we are having problems with, not the others that are getting declared with the script.
As you can se in the script “zyxel-nat” is not removed on declare.