Support for USP

Hi Genieacs team,

I would like to understand if your solution will have support for USP (
Broadband forum is developing the USP (TR-069 evolution) and this will become a satandard in the future for managing all devices.

Can you please clarify?

Óscar Leal

We are also looking at USP (TR-369) support and curious where this might fit on the Genieacs roadmap.

I just realize that BBF offer a USP controller on github.

I hope this can help for future developments on GenieACS community.

Yes, support for USP is the top priority after v1.2. Unfortunately I can’t give any time estimates now until I get my hands dirty with the implementation.



do you have any new time estimates for the next version of GenieACS? (v2.0?) if so, is there a list of features/bug fix that will be released in the version?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @zaidka,

Do you have news about USP support? Can you share any timeline?