GenieACS supports TR-369?

Does anyone know if GenieACS supports TR-369, or/and if there is any prediction for that?

369 is not supported yet. When I spoke with @zaidka a year or two ago it was on the roadmap.

Do you know any other open-source solution that has TR-369?

It also goes by the name User Services Platform (USP) now. I was quoted for 100 devices $2000 install and $200/mo for TR-069/USP with their people writing forms for management for my devices. Working Stun/XMPP with json API access. The only USP I see online is a client and a their test controller that are open source.

Unique open source TR-369 controller i was able to find: GitHub - OktopUSP/oktopus: TR-369 controller to manage IoT devices. , there is also a cloud ready solution demo: