Sumon button purpose

what is the purpose of sumon button, hw can it works.

I studied that, it uses to automatically updates device actions before next periodic inform

is it correct, so what are all the parameters it reads from device

Hi, the purpose is to summon the CPE. After this, the CPE should initiate an inform with “6 CONNECTION REQUEST” event type … under the hood, its just a fetch to the address stored at IGD/Device.ManagementServer.ConnectionRequestURL with the (optional) authentication data stored in the same node: ConnectionRequestUsername & ConnectionRequestPassword.

u mean that, GenieACS reading all the parameters of CPE,including vendor details and CPE information.

If CPE not reads directly, we will press sumon button.

is this correct

The UI will always read from the genieacs DB.
If you press the summon button, it will send the CPE a request and then read the list of parameters behind the summon button. The list can be changed over the configuration menu.
Then the new values are stored in the DB and the UI can fetch it from there.

You should not read all parameters on summon, to keep the DB small and the informs quick.
(If course it is possible to read all parameters for debugging)

Hi thanks for feedback

BC62D2-Earth%2D1010-GNXS4130857D: Connection request error: Incorrect connection request credentials

when i press summon button i am getting like this

Sounds like you need to set the cwmp.connectionRequestAuth

I think the Summon button get the information from the trees inside the following parameter:


Can someone confirm that ?

Another thing that confirm my theory above is the “curl” command sended to the NBI service (API):

curl -i ‘http://localhost:7557/devices/202BC1-BM632w-000000/tasks?connection_request’ -X POST --data ‘{“name”: “refreshObject”, “objectName”: “”}’
(Reference: API Reference — GenieACS Documentation 1.2.8 documentation)

They do the exactly same thing.
And the exactly same trees inside the “InternetGatewayDevice.DeviceSummary” is refreshed/updated.