Stuck in "sendfile" provisioning state

I seem to have a bit of a weird issue. I have a CPE which gets stuck in sendfile state, and never gets to “finished” state.
This is modified model ( 7530 AX) of its other cousin model, AVM Fritzbox 7530. the difference is that the SoC has been changed. Generally it seems to behave mostly like it’s cousin.
the config file in question is a vendor file made for the specific model. every model has it’s config file.
It seems to communicate okay with ACS, and i see in the logs that i get “4 VALUE CHANGE,1 BOOT,0 BOOTSTRAP” , which seems to indicate it’s getting some kind of configuration?
there are no faults in the genie GUI. I have looked at the logs, debug files, and tcpdump files. nothing strange.
I have compared logs/debug files and pcap communication of a CPE which reaches finished state and the one which doesn’t and don’t see any difference what so ever.

Under devices, if i make a filter for dirty tag, i don’t see any devices which indicates nothing is pending.

the presets seems to be created automatically by genieacs and all the presets look the same for all CPEs i have, where the only the reference to the model name changes.

there is no way to login to the CPE and check logs remotely, and i don’t have access to it.
Any ideas?

There are two options, depending on how adventurous you are. First is getting a USB serial-TTL converter and hooking up to the 4 pin connector on the board. Most CPEs I’ve encountered have this 4 pin header, and its usually populated. You just need to figure out the pin out. A logic analyzer makes that pretty easy and can be bought for cheap. The serial settings will most likely be 11500, 8,N,1. The serial console will likely have way more information in it than even syslog.

The other option is to try and read the parameter InternetGatewayDevice.DeviceInfo.DeviceLog or for TR-181 it will be under Device.DeviceInfo.VendorLogFile.


Device log is saying that service provider has provided the configuration.
Also i have pushed the config file manually, the device accepts it and sends back “0 bootstrap”, and the state is still “sendfile”
Can it be a genieacs bug? Or is it the CPE itself that is not setting the parameter
InternetGatewayDevice.DeviceInfo.ProvisioningCode to finished?

I do not think it is a bug:

page 65:

Indicates that the Session was established due to first-time CPE installation or a change to the ACS URL. The specific conditions that MUST result in the BOOTSTRAP EventCode are:
• First time connection of the CWMP Endpoint to the ACS from the factory.
• First time connection of the CWMP Endpoint to the ACS after a factory reset.
• First time connection of the CWMP Endpoint to the ACS after the ACS URL has been modified in any way.

The CPE MUST NOT ever discard an undelivered BOOTSTRAP event. All other undelivered events MUST be discarded on BOOTSTRAP.

InternetGatewayDevice.DeviceInfo.ProvisioningCode is not a parameter that GenieACS will update unless you tell it to. The ProvisionCode param is for service providers to do with as they wish.

Identifier of the primary service provider and other provisioning information, which MAY be used by the Server to determine service provider-specific customization and provisioning parameters.
If not an empty string, this argument SHOULD be in the form of a hierarchical descriptor with one or more nodes specified. Each node in the hierarchy is represented as a 4-character sub-string, containing only numerals or upper-case letters. If there is more than one node indicated, each node is separated by a “.” (dot). Examples: “TLCO” or “TLCO.GRP2”.

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What file are you sending to the FRITZ!Box?