Setting Parameters is not working

Hi, I am new to genieacs. My device is connected to the genieacs server successfully. Summon and reboot task are getting executed successfully but whenever I try to set Parameters (for eg- PeriodicTimeInterval), it does not have any effect, also it shows that task committed successfully but it does not change the value. Any idea what I am missing ?

@zaidka do you know the reason


It might help if you pasted the debug logs…

That issue was solved, but I encountered a new issue. When trying to push file from UI following error is occurs in console

URIError: URI malformed
at decodeURIComponent ()
at ws (drawer-component.ts:120:18)
at drawer-component.ts:209:44
at Object.view (drawer-component.ts:385:31)
at Function.i (render.js:30:16)
at render.js:466:45
at h (render.js:414:9)
at d (render.js:297:11)
at render.js:462:4
at h (render.js:411:15)

@akcoder do you have any idea