setTimeout function in Provison

Is the setTimeout function supported for Provison?

No :slight_smile:.

What exactly are you trying to do?

I want to run the function “FirmwareUpgrade” using the timer “setTimeout” in provsion.

Yeah, this won’t work. Provision scripts are designed to be repeated 1:M times until no more changes are detected.

Its hard to tell from the context if this is a small part of a much larger script, or if this script purely does firmware upgrades. You want your provision scripts to do one thing only.

What is the issue with issuing the declare(‘Downloads…’) right away? Why do you need to execute it 60 seconds later?

The problem with the features of CPE, I want to update firmware on the BOOT event. After waiting one minute while the device is fully loaded. If you immediately send the firmware after turning on the device - the router “turns into a brick.”
It remains then to use “2 PERIODIC” at night so as not to harm customers