Refresh parameters from provisioning

I know there are other posts about the subject but I decided to make a new one because I’m getting confused.

Which one of the following lines would be the proper way to update a parameter from a provisioning script ?:

    declare( "refreshObject", prop );
    declare( prop, {value: 1});
    declare( prop, {path:, value:});

I’m asking because I was using the first one and we encountered situations when a parameter was not updated until using the refresh icon from GUI

thank you

the first one is not valid … should give an error but probably fails silently, since “refreshObject” does not exists in the device data model, so in the best case, it will refresh just the root.

The second one will refresh the value of the defined path, only if the value is missing completely from the cache.

The last one, will refresh correctly, with the mention that if you are interested only on the value and not the paths (ie., the prop does not contain any wildcard * or alias expresion .[x=y]), you can leave out the path:,

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